Destination Imagination Tournament Results

Destination Imagination congratulates all the students who participated in the (No Location) tournament. We think you are all winners!

The first 9999 place teams are listed in place order,the remaining teams are listed alphabetically. Teams emphasized as such are going on to the next level of competition.

A: On Target

A: On Target, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GTime Travelling to Cookieland, Scales Elementary SchoolBrentwood142-02142
2Declaration of DI, Moore Elementary SchoolFranklin142-98596
3What Was the Question?, Marvin Wright Elementary SchoolSpring Hill142-89228

A: On Target, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GMonkoderphins, PDSMemphis142-46622
2The Candles of Creativity, Think Tank FranklinFranklin142-50535
3No Idea, Northeast AcademyJackson142-52076
4The Flying Aces, Community MontessoriHumboldt142-77999
5Technical Penguins, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-12035
6Soaring Knights, Power Center Academy Middle SchoolMemphis142-43020

A: On Target, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GOtter Squad, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-92050
2SS Legends, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-26431
3[insert team name here], Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-27320

B: Medical Mystery

B: Medical Mystery, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GTEC-TK, Bradford Special School DistrictBradford142-87550
2Loading dot, dot, dot SUCCESS, Scales ElementaryBrentwood142-64445
3The Peppermint Girls, Milan Special School DistrictMilan142-94797
4Team USN, University School of NashvilleNashville142-22599
5Cancer Killers, Glendale ElementaryNashville142-09807
6DNA DIsectors, Head Middle MagnetNashville142-67393
7The Four Stooges, Peabody ElementaryMemphis142-30836
8Six Pack of Wolves, Kate Bond ElementaryLakeland142-47746
9Fever Fighters, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-34257

B: Medical Mystery, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GEureka!, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-99872
2Backstage Crew, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-15287
3Safety Pins and Hot Glue, Bradford Special School DistrictBradford142-45548
4Sailing in a Sinking Ship, Brentwood Middle SchoolBrentwood142-62896
5Deadn't, Woodland Presybterian SchoolMemphis142-53360
6The Hinges, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-92915
7Grey's Crash Cart, Lexington Middle SchoolLexington142-75316
8Knights with Knowledge, Power Center Academy Middle SchoolMemphis142-44229
9Diagnosis Confirmed Potato, Liberty Bell Middle SchoolJohnson City142-55535
10Fathead and Friends, Northeast AcademyJackson142-58223
11BGCTC, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maury CountyColumbia142-17348

B: Medical Mystery, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe Ugly Barnacles, Milan Special School DistrictMilan142-81537
2Noggin Shock, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-11668
3Caroline & Friends, Brentwood High SchoolBrentwood, TN142-52930
4Amazons, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-37251
5Bare Minimum, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-32855

B: Medical Mystery, University Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GOtorhinolaryngolists, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-55501

C: Game On

C: Game On, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GEVASA, Freedom Intermediate SchoolFranklin142-53482
2The Super 7Brentwood142-63839
3Domestic Cheerios, JT Moore Middle SchoolNashville142-84133
4Rockin Rockets, Marvin Wright Elementary SchoolSpring Hill142-89614
521 Potatoes, Moore Elementary SchoolFranklin142-80026
6Galaxy Gamers, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-46261
7Mystery Chasers, Green Magnet AcademyKnoxville142-73529
8Fine Flamingos, Jefferson Elementary School - KingsportKingsport142-60578
9The McLamb Pack, Andrew Jackson ElementaryKingsport142-74050
10Victry Royale, AZ Kelley ElementaryAntioch142-47446
11Silver Swords, Kate Bond ElementaryLakeland142-11922
WITHDRAWTurtle Jumper Bowser Beaters, The Episcopal School of KnoxvilleKnoxville142-09953
WITHDRAWDream Catchers, Jefferson ElementaryKingsport142-44714

C: Game On, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GSquirrelw/FiveExclamationPoints, Grassland Middle SchoolFranklin142-55342
2Insert Adjective, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-54328
3Sugar Rush, The Episcopal School of KnoxvilleKnoxville142-61008
4The Clue Gang, Community MontessoriHumboldt142-03494
5Boujee Bunch, Northeast AcademyJackson142-99502
6Important People with No Name, Mid-South Gifted AcademyCollierville142-84736
7Magic, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-97670
8Dab on Ducks, Community MontessoriHumboldt142-04461

C: Game On, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GMurphy's Law, Center for Excellence at HutchisonMemphis142-01077
2The 5th DImensions, JT Moore/USNNashville142-95802
3Shrapmetal, Independent HomeschoolersFranklin142-16207
4Imagination Dragons, West Carroll Jr/Sr High SchoolBradford142-12721
5Plinko-Plunker People, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-98665
6The Glass Shards, Bradford Special School DistrictBradford142-81974

D: Heads Up

D: Heads Up, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe Thrive, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-57308
2News Channel 34, Scales Elementary 3rd GradeBrentwood142-24408
3The Salty Pretzels, Johnson ElementaryKingsport142-95009
4Da Tangy Tacos, Mid-South Gifted AcademyCollierville142-82061
5Kiwi Kittens, Jefferson Elementary School - KingsportKingsport142-82475
6Calamari Crew, Walnut Grove ElementaryFranklin142-67561
7The Dream Crushers, Johnson ElementaryKingsport142-26001

D: Heads Up, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GEureka!, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-68944
2Frostie Goldfish, Robinson Middle SchoolKingsport142-20202
3Alexa-Play Never Gonna Give U Up, Brentwood Middle SchoolBrentwood142-63783
4Beef Rava-Lavas, Halls Junior HighHalls142-93292
5Cherry Red Llamas, Community MontessoriHumboldt142-18297
6John Sevier Man-Eating Narwhals, John Sevier Middle SchoolKingsport142-79147
7Locomotion, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-71608

D: Heads Up, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GNoodle Flex, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-97695
2Wildin’ with Whiskers, Milan Special School DistrictMilan142-86232
3$lap$tickEconomy:Toxic.Jaundice?, Spring Hill High SchoolColumbia142-23896
4The Original DI of the TIger, IndependentFranklin142-23295
5The Lucky Amoebae, Brentwood High SchoolBrentwood142-27472
6DI-tanic Swim Team, Fine Arts BlountMaryville142-31729
7Yes And, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-24923
8Chuckey-Doak High SchoolAfton142-26090

E: Monster Effects

E: Monster Effects, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GImagination Eagles, Moore Elementary SchoolFranklin, TN142-35816
2DI WiseGuys, PDSMemphis142-09123
3Creepy Crawlers, Trenton Special School DistrictTrenton142-94482
4The Spuds, Milan Special School DistrictMilan142-04138
5Friday Friendz, Ashley AcademyJohnson City142-62286
6Lightning Bolts, Moore Elementary SchoolFranklin142-23196
7TFRA 3rd/4th Grade Superstars, Franklin Road AcademyBrentwood142-48080
7TLES: Let's Engineer Stuff, Lipscomb Elementary SchoolBrentwood, TN142-64047
8The Experience Kids, Glendale ElementaryNashville142-01712
9The Imaginators, John Adams Elementary SchoolKingsport142-29626
10The Creators, Cole ElementaryAntioch142-60198

E: Monster Effects, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GStrawWrappers, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-88163
2Infinity2, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-17564
3Nobody, Milan Special School DistrictMilan142-52934
4Rolling Thunder, Lexington Middle SchoolLexington142-85947
5Lions, Titans & Preds, Oh MY!, Grace Christian AcademyFranklin142-84481
6Monster Mash, Northeast AcademyJackson142-95092
7Anatadaephobia, Liberty Bell Middle SchoolJohnson City142-20488
8DI Yeti, Head Middle MagnetNashville142-35275

E: Monster Effects, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe Creative Potatoes, Brentwood High SchoolBrentwood142-22654
2Danger Zone, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-71794

pO: Escape Artists

pO: Escape Artists, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GUnder One Roof, Ashley AcademyJohnson City142-03859
2Seven spectacular ladies, Milan Special School DistrictMilan142-28745
3The D.I. Diamonds, Riverwood Elementary Optional School 4th GradeCordova142-52670
4Queen Bees, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-49080
5Los Cinco Amigos, Glendale ElementaryNashville142-96704
6I can't say this in public!!!, Wild Hollow Homeschool Nature Enrichment ProgramNolensville142-81114
7The Bread Knights, Bellevue Homeschool EnrichmentBurns142-88170
8TES, Trenton Special School DistrictTrenton142-47832
9Cats In The Lab, Randolph Howell Elementary SchoolColumbia142-90253
10Masterminds, Kate Bond ElementaryLakeland142-47942
11Eagle Impact, West Carroll Elementary SchoolAtwood142-59369
12Hurricane Hogwarts, Jefferson Elementary School - KingsportKingsport142-82292
13Catz Donators, AZ Kelley ElementaryAntioch142-57897
WITHDRAWOut of the World, The Episcopal School of KnoxvilleKnoxville142-51776

pO: Escape Artists, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GSeis Amigos, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-78240
2The Mind Crafters, Bellevue Homeschool EnrichmentBurns142-31484
3Wet Bandits, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-31166
4Mini Dragon Socks, JT Moore Middle SchoolNashville142-11061
5Finger Licking Good, Wild Hollow Homeschool Nature Enrichment ProgramNolensville142-37961
6Fruity Pebbles, Northeast AcademyJackson142-54611

pO: Escape Artists, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GTardis Repair Crew, Brentwood High SchoolBrentwood142-45312
2TAwkwardly, Placed Commas, Franklin Classical SchoolFranklin142-95491

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