Region IV DI TN Tournament Results

Destination Imagination congratulates all the students who participated in the BMS tournament. We think you are all winners!

The first 9999 place teams are listed in place order,the remaining teams are listed alphabetically. Teams emphasized as such are going on to the next level of competition.

A: Show & Tech

A: Show & Tech, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GAbyss Adventurers, The Espicopal School of KnoKnoxville142-08286
2TRainbow Rabbits, Allendale ElementarySpring Hill142-52324
2TGlendale Diamonds, Glendale ElementaryNashville142-02557
3Technical Tripwires, St. Ann Catholic SchoolBartlett142-47883
4The MagicMakers, Kenrose ElementaryWilliamson142-45605
5Fires Tornadoes, Kenrose ElementaryFranklin142-76848
6Cool Tigers, Franklin Classical SchoolFranklin142-62553
7Team Shafer, Allendale ElementarySpring Hill142-31935
8Sparkle Sisters, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-95504
9DI Warlords, Farmington ElementaryGermantown142-29197

A: Show & Tech, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GSSLegends, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-78033
2$menu, Milan Middle SchoolMilan142-91742
3The Hot Glue Guns, Woodland MiddleBrentwood142-76442
4In DI Middle, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-62964
5Newman-Wheeler, Academic Academy at Northeast Middle SchoolJackson142-90385
6Dom Inators, Liberty Bell Middle SchoolJohnson City142-99097
7D Incredibles, Woodland Middle SchoolBrentwood142-37770

A: Show & Tech, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GGood Noodles, Milan High SchoolMilan142-91358
2Tardis Repair Crew, Brentwood HSBrentwood142-34542
3Hooligans, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-57724
4Team Are you Ready?, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-76050
5Dream Shifters, South Gibson County High SchoolMedina142-19465

B: Top Secret

B: Top Secret, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe Knights of the Square Table, Scales ElementaryBrentwood142-17808
2FDI, Bradford Special School DistrictBradford142-40491
3Walls of Wisdom, Lakeside AcademyChattanooga142-96407
4Brainy Birds, Kenrose ElementaryBrentwood142-27501
5Metal Dragons, Liberty Elementary SchoolFranklin142-25392
6The Time Travelers, John F Kennedy ElementaryKingsport142-42290
7Moore ElementaryFranklin142-36921
8TES merando/carr, Trenton Special School DistrictTrenton142-53133
9Gflamin Bananas, Glendale ElementaryNashville142-48115
10Code Masters, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-93382
11Milan Elementary SchoolMilan142-76887
12TDIvergent, Meigs Academic MagnetNashville142-81736
12TTotally Awesome Cool Geniuses, Barger Academy of Fine ArtsChattanooga142-90313
13DI Organization, Doak Elementary SchoolGreeneville142-95363
14JAES Ditectives, John Adams Elementary SchoolKingsport142-38429

B: Top Secret, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThree's Company, IndependentNashville142-24875
2TRamen or RAmen?, Milan Middle SchoolMilan142-35546
2TSquid Squad, Brentwood Middle SchoolBrentwood142-14328
3TRMS, Trenton Special School DistrictTrenton142-69306
4Team Shotzees, Independent Team ShotzeeFranklin142-47018
5Dat One Team, CCAChattanooga142-92003
6The Cryptomaniacs, Bellevue Home School EnrichmentPegram142-60716
7Creative Potatoes, Brentwood Middle SchoolBrentwood142-06000
8Non-Frying Brains, CCAChattanooga142-40247
9(content deleted), Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-94443
10Tornado Secret Agents, Lexington Middle SchoolLexington142-96410
11Duct Tape DareDevelis, Chuckey Doak MiddleChucky Doak142-20878

B: Top Secret, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GBanana for Scale, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-16784
2D.I.eties, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-07683
3DIsasters, Lausanne SchoolGermantown142-56640
4Isopropyl Purple People Eaters, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-16805
5StRoNg, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-77625

C: Vanished!

C: Vanished!, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe Magnificent 7, Bellevue Home School EnrichmentPegram142-44259
2The Turbulent Tornados, Walnut Grove ElementaryFranklin, TN142-93508
3The Shining Six Company, Scales ElementaryBrentwood142-19188
4Kingsport City Schools-Johnson ElementaryKingsport142-64418
5Mer-keys, The Episcopal School of KnoxvilleKnoxville142-61837
6Color Girls, BGAFranklin142-44732
7DI Twizzlers, Hutchison SchoolMemphis142-80790
8Soaring Eagles, Peabody ElementaryMemphis142-88690
9The Fantastic Five, ClovercroftFranklin142-30300
10Maniactors, Riverwood ElementaryCordova142-45472
11Color Crusaders, Milan ElementaryMilan142-28145
12Brainiacs, Jackson ElementaryKingsport142-62174
13Braves Popcorn, Jackson ElementaryKinsport142-12119

C: Vanished!, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GEureka?, Mt. PleaseantMt Pleasant142-87591
2The 7 Slackers, Milan Middle SchoolMilan142-85627
3Imaginatics, Snowden Middle SchoolMemphis142-68051
4Without Spectrum, Milan MiddleMilan Middle142-78197
5Wandering Minds, Liberty Bell Middle SchoolJohnson City Schools142-26555
6The Young and the Restless, Academic Academy at Northeast Middle SchoolJackson142-62821
7DIWhy, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-06806
8Bored of Edumacation, Heritage Middle SchoolThompson Station142-08399

C: Vanished!, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GSchloop Loops, Milan High SchoolMilan142-60363
2DIence Fiction, Center for Excellence at HutchisonMemphis142-45779
3Residential Canines, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-62693
4Sofishticates, Fine Arts BlountMaryville, TN142-16128
5Deus ex Machina, Renaissance High SchoolFranklin142-01836


D:3-PEAT, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G6 Wonders of Walnut, Walnut Grove ElementaryFranklin142-01205
2Purritos, Thomas Jefferson ElementaryKingsport142-45688
3Amazing World of IMPROV, Halls Elementary SchoolHalls142-93973
4Genius Genre Girls, BrentwoodBrentwood142-32761
5Cheetahs who don't Cheat, Meigs Academic MagnetNashville142-31454
6Flaming Fajitas, Presbyterian Day SchoolMemphis142-90843
7The Zillas, Kate Bond ElementaryLakeland142-15580
8Problem Solvers, Indian Intermediate SchoolJohnson City Schools142-77655
9DI Guinea Pigs, Glendale ElementaryNashville142-14957
10IMPROV BUSTERS, Halls Elementary SchoolHalls142-50468
11[insert name here], Riverwood ElementaryCordova142-13064
12The Improv Maniacs, Thomas Jefferson ElementaryKingsport142-46361
13Lakeside Pounders, Lakeside ElementaryChattanooga142-13590
14The Imaginators, Indian Intermediate SchoolJohnson City Schools142-90796
15The Three Blue Sharks, Dina RichterNashville142-82714
16Unbeatablox, Fairview ElementaryFairview142-47486

D:3-PEAT, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GAwesomenezz, Indian Intermediate SchoolJohnson City Schools142-28395
2SDRAWROF, Page Middle SchoolFranklin142-12860
3The Adams Family, Academic Academy at Northeast Middle SchoolJackson142-73079
4Duck Dabbers, Indian Intermediate SchoolJohnson City Schools142-82923
5Lint Roller Stew, Hillsboro SchoolFranklin142-29345
6Hello, My Name Is...Franklin142-35740
7Second To None Showstoppers, Blount Home Education AssociationMaryville TN142-80539
8The Fantastic Five, Bradford Special School DistrictBradford142-07857
9Crazy Invisible Rainbow Dragons, Maxine Smith STEAM AcademyMemphis142-40159
10Why So Syrius, Indian Intermediate SchoolJohnson City Schools142-65067
11IMPROV Strikes Back, Halls Elementary SchoolHalls142-28339
12Odd1sOut, BrentwoodBrentwood142-53634

D:3-PEAT, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GNoodle Flex, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-70079
2The Original D.I. of the Tiger, IndependentFranklin142-00615
3High-Five, Brentwood HighBrentwood142-94733
4Impractial Improv, Blount Home Education AssociationMaryville TN142-79386
5No Fail Zone, The Soulsville Charter SchoolMemphis142-78086
6Our Moms Think We're Cool, Spring Hill High SchoolColumbia142-42992
7ProcrastiNATION, Milan High SchoolMilan142-75885

E: In It Together

E: In It Together, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe Subterranean Master-Sharks, Presbyterian Day SchoolMemphis142-22602
2Rainbow Narwhals, HES - DI ProgramThompson's Station142-60959
3Fierce Pheonixes, Farmington Elementary SchoolFarmington142-09257
4Road to Success - KIPA, Farmington Elementary SchoolGermantown142-35269
5EVR's Team, Lipscomb ElementaryBrentwood142-54575
6Pink Fluffy Narwhals, Grassland Elementary SchoolBrentwood142-55636
7The Psycho Seaguls, Franklin Road AcademtBrentwood142-35985
8DI JAES Engineering, John Adams Elementary SchoolKingsport142-12560

E: In It Together, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GLeague of Creative Minds, Franklin Classical SchoolFranklin142-42859
2The DI Newshounds, Page Middle SchoolArrington142-15031
3Order of the Phoenix, Liberty Bell Middle SchoolJohnson City Schools142-62359

E: In It Together, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GGoon Platoon, Milan High SchoolMilan142-11080
2Noggin Shock, Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant142-11383
3The Odd Squad, South Gibson County High SchoolMedina142-04839

pO: Ready, Willing and Fable

pO: Ready, Willing and Fable, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GShell Girls, Milan Elementary SchoolMilan142-79388
2Out of the Boxers, Walnut Grove Elementary SchoolFranklin142-08782
3The Blah Blah Blahs, Franklin ClassicalFranklin142-63239
4The No Name Ninjas, Franklin Classical SchoolFranklin142-55436
5TES, Trenton Special School DistrictTrenton142-18757
6Freed House Crew, Trenton Special School DistrictTrenton142-51705

pO: Ready, Willing and Fable, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GDI of the Tiger, Franklin Classical SchoolFranklin142-06721
2Midsummer Magic, Franklin Classical SchoolFranklin142-70219
3The Rocky Rhodes, Academic Academy at Northeast Middle SchoolJackson142-17517
4Pentagonist, Center for Creative ArtsChattanooga142-93578
5The Sushi Cats, Brentwood IndependantBrentwood142-31497

pO: Ready, Willing and Fable, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GSqueeze Squad, Franklin Classical SchoolFranklin142-04004
2Peabody, Trenton Special School DistrictTrenton142-71982

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