Start a Team

Starting a team is as easy as 1-2-3.

bubble 1We offer packages depending on the number of teams that you plan to start.

1-4 Teams | 2-7 members | $145 New Lower Price: $105* (digital files only) | $125* (printed and digital files, optional) 
(About $14 per student with a team of seven)

5+ More Teams | 2-7 members  | Discount applied at checkout*

Early Learning Team | 2 or more members | Rising Stars! Team Number | $65* (digital files only) | $75* (printed and digital files, optional)
(noncompetitive, ages 4-7) | (About $6 per student with a team of 10)

Remember: Tennessee has a vibrant Start-a-Team grant program to help ensure that DI is within reach for all Tennessee’s students!

Purchase your Team Number.

Purchase your Team Number on
Download our Start a Team Application
Fax to: 856.881.3596 or Email to:
Call us 1.888.321.1503 / Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern)

Select your team location.

  • Destination Imagination administers its program through state and country Affiliates worldwide, such as the Tennessee Affiliate.
  • Your Destination Imagination local representative will contact you about any training and Tournament fees that may also apply.

*There are additional fees for Affiliate administration, Affiliate tournaments and Challenge budgets. In Tennessee, regional tournament fees are generally around $40 per team.

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